Why 8Switch?


In the world of streaming music, there is a belief that digital signals by their nature are immune to the failings of analogue transmission – but it’s not that simple – and even the most hardened digital sceptic may be surprised at what can be achieved with a high specification Ethernet switch.

Listening to streamed music is not just about measurements and numbers. While both elements have important roles during product design and development, the real test for music lovers is how it sounds…

The 8switch by English Electric (a Chord Company brand), is an 8 port GbE Ethernet switch modified and upgraded to our specific requirements for high-performance music streaming networks.

Have a listen and test it yourself!



English Electric 8 Switch

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English Electric - 8 Switch Sketch

Front and Back Panel

  1. Power: Green light is on when power is on
  2. Alarm: Red light is on when error is detected
  3. LINK/ACT: Light on when port link up, flashes when active
    –  Operating as 1000 Mbps connection: Green
    –  Operating as 100 Mbps connection: Amber
  4. DC IN: 5V DC at 1A max. (5,=.5mm x 2.1mm, tip carries +5V)
  5. IN/ 1-7 Audio Grade GbE streaming ports.
    –  Port IN: Connect to LAN (Local Area Network).
    –  Port 1-7: Connect to audio/video devices

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