Latham Audio BV


Belsebaan 3-A, Alphen, 5131 PH, Netherlands

“For over 25 years we have been responsible for bringing the finest audio products to music lovers in the BeNeLux.  From the start, we chose products that only have the ability to reproduce music on the highest level in your home.  It’s all about bringing the emotion of music to life and making the connection with the artist.  We truly believe that we have selected the right products to do this.

We have our own technical department with skilled technicians that have been trained by our suppliers.  Because of this we can supply the Chord Cable of your choice and length within a short period – and as you would expect,  finished with the same eye for detail that you would expect from The Chord Company itself.

Together with our basket of other brands, we truly believe that the cables of The Chord Company can add enjoyment to your AV experience.  We are happy to meet you at any of our demo’s in the BeNeLux.”

This company is a distributor of English Electric products.  Please contact them for range availability and a list of retailers.

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